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New Patient Consultation

Dr. Hall and his staff have performed over 100,000 procedures and our clinic has been serving the Westminster and surrounding communities since 1999 and offers a Comprehensive New Patient Consultation.  During your consultation you will receive:

• Patient History Focused On Your Needs & Goals
• Physical Exam
• Biomechanical Exam & Spinal Screening
• All Diagnostic & Orthopedic Testing Needed
• Full Report of Findings & Detailed Diagnosis
• Full Spinal Alignment & 1st Treatment Focused On Your Condition

Over 100,000 Procedures
Different Services
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Conditions We Treat

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Neck Pain
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Back Pain
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3D render of a female figure holding neck with spine highlighted
Chronic Pain

Have you or your loved one been involved in an auto injury?

Get expert auto accident treatment in Westminster Denver now,
same day appointments available!

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) cause much more than just a sore neck and headaches.  Research has shown that even a low speed collision of 6.8 miles per hour (MPH) can cause serious damage to your cervical spine. Damage that may not be immediately apparent and difficult to diagnose. Because some of the injuries may not show up for days, weeks, or even years after the accident it is extremely important that you are seen by a provider that is able to diagnose and treat these injuries effectively. These injuries can even occur when there is very little damage to your vehicle. Treating patients involved in motor vehicle accidents is completely different than typical aches and pains. The physical forces applied to the spine during a motor vehicle accident can cause unseen and very difficult to diagnose injuries. These injuries include:

Damage to the Posterior Longitudinal Ligament (PLL)
Damage to the Supraspinous Ligament (SSL)
Damage to the Anterior Longitudinal Ligament (ALL)
Damage to Cervical Facet Joints
Damage to the Cervical Disc
Damage to the Dorsal Nerve Rami

Your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!

auto accident center

Call Our Auto Accident Hotline Now! Get help immediately!

Operators are standing by the answer any questions you have.

auto accident center

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, most walk in clinics are prohibited from treating patients recently involved in an auto accident. Often xrays are required or needed to assess the full extent of the injury. Our facilitate is equipped with state of the art digital xrays that can be viewed instantly allowing us to see exactly what needs to be treated and how severe the damage could be.

A: Absolutely. Research has shown signifcant damage can be caused at speeds as low as 8 mph.

A: 100% Yes, the ER’s job is to assess for life threatening injuries such as fractures to the spine, bleeding in the brain, and internal injuries. The ER is not equipped nor do they perform adequate testing to assess for ligamentous injuries and damage to the spine that won’t show up till days or weeks later. Just because you were released from the ER doesn’t mean you are ok.

Our goal is not just to get our patients out of pain, but to correct the actual damage done to the spine after a motor vehicle accident.

Our clinic staff is trained in the absolute latest techniques for the treatment of auto and work-related injuries. Often, auto accident related injuries must be treated much differently and use special techniques other than typical Chiropractic care.

Our caring and trained staff can get you in the same day you call, to ensure prompt and effective treatment of your injuries.

Your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!

Introducing Zerona

Introducing the Zerona® Fat Loss Laser. The ERCHONIA® Zerona® Laser is specially designed for use during non-invasive body contouring. The Zerona® Laser is applied externally and has proven through four double-blind clinical trials to emulsify adipose tissue.

We firmly believe that you are not just a collection of isolated symptoms. Your body is made up of multiple systems that must work in harmony in order to function properly. We understand that lasting change requires a holistic approach – one that looks at and addresses all the areas that are impacting your health. Our experience reveals that most that most health issues can be traced back to three main causes: stress, chemical toxicity, and physical trauma resulting in undetected nerve damage. That’s why we take a multi-faceted approach that evaluates and treats each of these areas.

Your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!

Additional Services

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Nutritional Support

What you eat has a huge impact on your health and well-being. In order to improve your body’s natural ability to lose weight, fight infections, process and eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation, regulate hormones and promote cellular regeneration, you must have a diet based in real, whole foods.

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