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dr cameron hall

Dr. Cameron A. Hall D.C. is an award winning clinician, author, researcher, and lecturer. As the pioneer in the field of Spinal Corrective Care™, Dr. Hall has authored multiple peer reviewed research papers, books, and lectures around the country on both Spinal Corrective Care™ and cervical spine injuries related to whiplash, whiplash associated disorder WAD, and cervical acceleration/deceleration CAD injuries. Dr. Hall holds advanced degrees in Cytology and Genetics, and post doctorate certifications in sports medicine, cervical spine injuries, and extremity injuries.

Dr. Hall has pioneered several new techniques for the correction of both acute and chronic spinal misalignments as well as the correction of the cervical lordotic curvature. Since beginning private practice in 2012 Dr. Hall has performed over 60,000 manual and instrument aided spinal alignments and has completed nearly 7,000 cases using his Spinal Corrective Care™ protocol. Dr. Hall continues to practice in his original clinic in Westminster Colorado and is the leading Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado.

Level I Workmans Comp Injury Facility State of Colorado- 2019 to Present
Member The American College of Physicians – 2019 to Present
Veteran Affairs Provider & TriWest Approved – 2019 to Present
Member The American College of Sports Medicine – 2019 to Present
Fellow The American College of Personal Injury Physicians 2019 – Present
Instructor Outdoor Emergency Medical Care National Ski Patrol – 2006 to Present
Senior Level Ski Patroller & Instructor National Ski Patrol – 2006 to Present
Instructor/Lecturer American Academy of Personal Injury Providers – 2018 to Present
Fundraiser & Volunteer Doctors Without Borders – 2019 to Present
Sports Injury Certification American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians – 2011
Clinical Teaching Assistant Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida – 2011
Physiotherapy Certified The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners – 2011

Discover Health Clinic Group Award for Clinical Excellence 2014, 2016
Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida Clinical Service Award 2011
The Bodnar Foundation Award for Scientific Achievement 2009
Humanitarian Award For Service To The People of Honduras 2011
The Atlas Award For Leadership In Medicine 2016

Discover Health & Wellness – The patient’s guide to life transforming results (2017)
Spinal Corrective Care™ – eBook (2015)
How To Have A Health Spine For Life – eBook (coming 2020)

Segmentation Seen In The Cervical Spine Post Traumatic Ligamentous Rupture of The PLL and SSL and Prevalence of Accelerated Degenerative Conditions. Journal of The American College of Personal Injury Physicians. 2016, Vol 18(1); 62-66.

Cervical Lordosis Research Paper.doc The Journal of Spinal Corrective Care. 2015, Vol 1(1); 5-8.

Prevalence of corresponding lateral lumbar lean seen in conjunction with posterior inferior ilium The Journal of Spinal Corrective Care. 2016, Vol 2(1); 4-6.

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Hi I’m Gino! I am an aspiring chiropractor whom is enjoying learning and obtaining skills and knowledge of human physiology and kinesiology. I am a Colorado native whom enjoys sports, the outdoors, and social gatherings with good drinks. I play the sport of Cornhole competitively and am often traveling around the country tossing bags! I look forward to getting to know you! I am a Colorado Native and married to the love of my life. Between us we have 5 beautiful daughters and 4 amazing grandbabies. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, going to concerts and country dancing.

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