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Little League Elbow Treatment in Westminster Denver Colorado

What is Little League elbow?

  • Little League elbow is a broad term that generally refers to an injury to the elbow’s tendons, ligaments and/or bones in a young, throwing athlete.
  • Most of the time, the injury is due to overuse, but it can also be caused by a single, painful injury.
  • Other conditions that are sometimes grouped with little league elbow are:
  • medial epicondylitis (also known as medial epicondylar apophysitis)
  • medial epicondyle fracture
  • medial collateral ligament injury.
  • Young athletes who play sports like baseball that require a lot of overhand throwing are more prone to getting it, and it’s usually caused by overuse or poor throwing technique. Learn more about the symptoms and causes of Little League elbow.
  • Your child should not be playing through elbow pain, especially if he plays on multiple teams. In most cases, Little League elbow treatment does not require surgery, but in some cases a child may have a fracture to a part of the elbow, and he/she may need surgery.


Symptoms & Causes

  • Elbow joints are made up of three bones — the upper arm bone is connected to the two bones in the forearm by a joint that works like a hinge. Around all these bones are muscles, ligaments, and tendons that keep the keep it all together, and help the arm bend and move.
  • Pitching too much and too often, or simply throwing in a way that hurts the arm, can put a lot of stress on these tendons, ligaments, and bones. There are several little soft areas of cartilage, called apophyses, at each end of most bones, and as older children stop growing, these areas turn into bone and harden. But before they harden, they are very easy to injure, and when players — mostly ages 9 to 14 — throw too much, these areas can get inflamed and sore.



Little League Elbow symptoms may include:

  • pain in any part of the elbow
  • swelling
  • difficulty straightening the arm all the way
  • sometimes, a bump appears on the inside of the elbow
  • a locked or stiff elbow

Without treatment, the ligaments and tendons may tear away from the bone or parts of the bone can separate from each other. Continuing to play through this kind of pain can make the injury worse, and your child should stop throwing and see a doctor if he has the above symptoms


Your child’s doctor will want to know all about his sports history:

  • how many sports he plays each year
  • how many leagues per sport
  • how often he throws on a weekly basis

The doctor will examine the elbow to see how well it moves around, where the pain is, and whether there is swelling. An x-ray will show any changes that might have occurred where the cartilage meets the bone and any damage to the growth plate.

Treatment without surgery

  • The most important part of Little League elbow treatment is rest. Your child should not throw at all until his tendons, ligaments, and growth plates are fully healed.
  • Often, icing the elbow multiple times a day can help reduce inflammation until there is no pain.
  • Your doctor may also prescribe physical therapy, which can help strengthen the muscles around the elbow.

Treatment with surgery

  • If your child’s elbow problem is because of a single, painful accident, then surgery may be necessary. The kind of surgery required depends on your child’s specific problem and the seriousness of the injury.
  • It might involve attaching the ligaments back to the bone or making sure there are no more loose bone.
  • Recovery usually lasts two to three months, and involves follow-up appointments, physical therapy, and a very careful, gradual return to throwing

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