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Q: What is Spinal Corrective Care™?

Here at your neighborhood Westminster Colorado Chiropractor, Dr. Hall practices Spinal Corrective Care™ is not just Chiropractic Manipulations. Spinal Corrective Care™ is the process of analyzing a patient’s spine and biomechanics, identifying acute or chronic malformations of the spine and the spine biomechanics, and creating a specialized protocol to restore the spines natural alignment, movement, and biomechanics. A chiropractic manipulation only temporarily realigns your spine. The muscle memory and patterns that have been created over the course of your life will pull that segment right back to its previous position. This is where patients get caught in the chiropractic loop. They need to continually go to the chiropractor to get “realigned.” This is time consuming and expensive, not to mention you are doing nothing to retrain the spine and there are no long term goals to break you of your dependence on the adjustment. Spinal Corrective Care™ determines exactly where the bone needs to go and then a specialized set of rehab exercises are employed to retrain the muscle memory of your spine to hold the vertebra in the desired position. Once the spine is retrained the new position becomes permanent. This specialized type of care sets up apart from other Chiropractors in Westminster Colorado and everywhere else.

We Are More

We are more than chiropractic care in Westminster. We are a complete health and wellness office. We include physical rehabilitation to improve your ability to move and function, while also benefiting your general fitness and health. We help to strengthen, stretch, and restore function to specific areas of the spine and body. So if you are searching for chiropractic care in Westminster or Arvada, you have found your office. If it is time for a chiropractic adjustment we will certainly let you know. If it is not, we will certainly let you know that too.

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    Dr. Hall provides the highest quality of care, focusing on corrective, restorative treatments that will get you back to optimal health. To further support your recovery, we also offer complementary services such as massage therapy, nutritional supplements and wellness workshops.

    By relieving your pain and restoring your body to its optimal health, the results can be dramatic and life changing.

    • Results-driven care plans
    • High-quality, corrective care
    • Friendly, caring staff
    • Treatment options for all budgets
    These amazing services are just one more reason our clinic is your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!