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Cognitive Therapy in Westminster Denver Colorado!

Our advanced Cognitive Therapy & Neurocognitive Protocols include using robotic Low Level Laser Therapy at specific wavelengths that activate the neurons and neuronal pathways in the brain. Simultaneously we have the patient perform complex tasks and play brain games to stimulate certain pathways. Using these treatment methods we can activate specific regions of the brain that may have been damaged from concussion, stroke, or degenerative conditions.

We have successfully treated Veterans with brain injuries, stroke patients, and many sports related concussion injuries. These advanced therapies can rapidly accelerate healing and regaining of function due to injury. We have partnered both with the VA and many Psychologists in the Denver Metro Area to aid in rehab efforts and even psychotherapy efforts. These treatments have been shown to be effective in certain therapy techniques such as EMDR.

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Cognitive Therapy in Westminster Denver Colorado
Concussion treatment in Westminster Denver Colorado!