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What to expect during your visit and treatment

No matter what service you are being seen for, all patients undergo a comprehensive patient history, physical evaluation, all necessary orthopedic evaluations, all necessary diagnostic evaluations, comprehensive review and diagnosis of condition, and fully outline treatment plan and protocol. We also go over outcome goals and our expectations for your care and recovery. We do not prescribe overly long treatment plans or any unnecessary care. Our treatments and treatment plans are based on each patient’s unique injury and diagnosis. Our goal is to have each patient released from our care within 4 to 8 weeks. This process is what makes our facility the most successful and comprehensive in the Denver Metro area.

Patient History

An in depth look at your personal history. Including injuries, occupation, hobbies, sports you played or play, how you sit at your desk, how you walk, stand, the shoes you wear. We try to collect every detail possible to give us clues in to how your body functions and it’s daily stresses.

Physical Examination

A comprehensive head to toe physical examination evaluating your gate, stance, muscle tonicity, spasms, wear on your shoes, asymmetries. When you have a biomechanical issue your body will display characteristic asymmetries that give us important clues to the behind the scenes changes that have been happening over time. Every injury a patient has ever had, will in some way change the body, and over time these changes can alter the body’s normal biomechanics significantly. These are the changes we will be looking for. Acute injuries such as car accident injuries are much easier to diagnose and treat. The quicker you are able to treat an injury the easier and more effective the rehabilitation will be.

Orthopedic Examination

Orthopedic examinations follow our physical examination. The physical examination identifies the areas of interest. Orthopedic examinations will actually test the individual structures and help us identify the primary pain generators. This also helps us identify the structure or structures that will require treatment. This further helps us to build a comprehensive treatment plan that is unique to you and your injury.

Diagnostic Testing

Our last confirmatory test. Using information gathered from your history, physical and orthopedic examinations, we will lastly perform confirmatory diagnostic testings. Typically using xrays and digital motion xrays. This will show us exactly which segments and structures have been altered or changed, and if there are any underlying issues such as degenerative changes or arthritis.


Finally we will arrive at your diagnosis. Using all of our accumulated information gathered during your intake. The reason the diagnosis is so important is that it determines all future steps. So the diagnosis must be correct the first time.


Using all of the information gathered and a correct diagnosis we are able to deliver precise care and treatment to the right structures. This allows us to use shorter treatment plans, which means you spend less time in our office, and more time getting back to what you love.


Once our treatment plan has been successful at relieving your pain, or getting your structures back to proper position, or whatever your desired result is, we will discharge under active care and give you the tools you need to continue your journey back to health.

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