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Instrument Aided Spinal Alignment

Instrument aided spinal alignments are one of the main procedures we focus on in our clinic. By using spinal adjusting instruments, we have the ability to move individual bones in very precise directions to both provide a higher quality of treatment while at the same time decreasing the chance for injury to our patients.

These instruments allow for very precise and safe adjusting of the spine, but also work extremely well on musculature which also must be addressed in order to provide effective treatment to your patients. If you are only moving the bone, then you have only performed half a treatment. It’s called a musculoskeletal system for a reason. It’s a two part equation. We see this so much, patients will come into our office who have been seeing the same chiropractor for 4 years and they have the same misalignment and the same symptom they went in with. Because the doctor is only addressing the bone aspect of the patients problem and hasn’t done anything to address the muscular part of the equation. The muscle is just going to pull the bone right back out. So you need to address both in order to create a real and permanent change in the patient’s condition.

These amazing services are just one more reason our clinic is your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!