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Custom Orthodtics in Westminster Denver Colorado

Our Westminster Denver clinic fits only the most advanced custom orthotics in the industry. Our Custom Orthotics in Westminster Denver use Orthofeet Biothotic Injectable Custom Orthotics. The process is completely unique and in our opinion the only true way to fit a Custom Orthotic. Here’s is the process:

  • First our full biomechanical and gait analysis is performed, identifying all aspects of your gait, biomechanical, and pronation issues.
  • These Custom Functional Orthotics are fit to support a weak or fallen arch due to more broad gait and biomechanical problems, acting almost like a crutch or splint.
  • During our pronation measurements, patients whose arches are very different in neutral height and drop will need custom orthotics. This is the only way to properly support each foot where and how it needs to be. Patients whose arches are very close in measurements at neutral arch height and arch drop can oftentimes be fit with prefabricated arch supports.
  • Once the decision is made to fit Custom Functional Orthotics, the patient’s entire foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lumbopelvic systems are completely realigned. Then the patient is placed in a non-weight bearing seating neutral position. The orthotics are injected with a special two part expanding foam. Then orthotics are then placed in a neutral (new) pair of shoes of the patient’s choice. The orthotic will then mold to the exact arch and configuration of the patient’s neutral arch. It is important to note that these orthotics are fit after the arch has been reset to its neutral position. Fitting custom orthotics must always be done to a neutral arch, not a weight bearing arch. This is often where machines that measure pressure patterns of your feet, and molds that you step in get it wrong. If you fit an orthotic to your weight bearing arch, you are fitting it to the arch that is already dysfunctional, and therefore it will not help your problem. True Custom Functional Orthotics must be fit to the neutral arch.
  • Once molded the orthotics will allow for a 3mm drop with weight bearing as you walk. This is another area where most “custom orthotics” get it wrong. Many off the shelf brands and even high end custom orthotics that are made of hard or rigid plastic do not allow for proper arch drop as you walk. This eventually causes the muscles in your foot and arch to atrophy. This will usually make the issue worse, but ultimately it ensures that you will have to be in those orthotics FOREVER. Our Custom Orthotics are FUNCTIONAL, meaning they support your foot exactly where it needs to be, but also allow it to function normally and have proper biomechanics. Orthotics that are not correctly fit only contribute to your gait and biomechanical problems.

To learn more about Gait & Biomechanical issues watch this video lecture by Dr. Hall!

For patients who don’t require custom orthotics we use Orthofeet BioSole-Gel orthotics. This orthotic is still revolutionary in that it dynamically molds to the patients foot over the first couple days of use, allowing for proper support and proper functionality.

The best part, you can walk out with your new orthotics on the same day! 

These amazing services are just one more reason our clinic is your premier Chiropractor in Westminster Colorado!