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Dr. Hall premier laser fat loss centerTo ensure we get the best possible results each patient receives a comprehensive nutritional evaluation, physical examination, body mass index measurements, percent body fat, and blood oxygenation levels prior to beginning treatment. These measurements are performed after the treatment protocol as well to ensure that not just your waist line has changed, but that your entire body is functioning better and healthier.

All of our Laser Fat Loss treatment sessions are performed in our state of the art facility in a private and relaxing atmosphere. As part of each treatment additional therapies are performed in conjunction with the Laser Fat Loss treatment to ensure that our results are superior to any other Laser Fat Loss Center. All patients undergo photonic laser immersion facial therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency whole body therapy, Triplanar Oscillation Vibration Platform therapy, abdominal compression therapy, and each patient is counseled on nutrition and sent home with a protein supplement as well as a fiber supplement for the duration of the treatment protocol.

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Our clinic is the first to combine therapies together to ensure our patients see real results!

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