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Costochondritis Treatments in Westminster Denver Colorado


       Costochondritis is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum). Pain caused by costochondritis might mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions.

       Costochondritis is sometimes known as chest wall pain syndrome, costosternal syndrome or costosternal chondrodynia. Sometimes, swelling accompanies the pain (Tietze syndrome).

       What causes costochondritis is unclear. Treatment focuses on easing the pain while waiting for the condition to improve on its own, which can take several weeks or more.


The pain associated with costochondritis usually:

     Occurs on the left side of your breastbone

     Is sharp, aching or pressure-like

     Affects more than one rib

     Can radiate to arms and shoulders

     Worsens when taking a deep breath, coughing, sneezing or with any chest wall movement


       Costochondritis usually has no clear cause. However, costochondritis might be associated with trauma, illness or physical strain, such as severe coughing.

Risk factors

       Costochondritis occurs most often in women older than 40.

       Tietze syndrome usually occurs in teenagers and young adults, and with equal frequency in men and women.


       During the physical exam, a health care provider will feel along your breastbone for tenderness or swelling. The provider might also move your rib cage or your arms in certain ways to try to trigger symptoms.

       The pain of costochondritis can be similar to the pain associated with heart disease, lung disease, gastrointestinal problems and osteoarthritis. There is no laboratory or imaging test to confirm a diagnosis of costochondritis. But a health care provider might order certain tests, such as an electrocardiogram and chest X-ray, to rule out other conditions.


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