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Long COVID treatment in Westminster Denver Colorado!

So many who have been infected with the COVID-19 virus will go on to develop Long COVID also called COVID long haulers and Post-COVID, lingering side effects that include chronic fatigue, widespread pain, decreased lung capacity, inflammation of the circulatory system, brain fog, headaches, and even heart and lung dysfunction. While science still struggles to understand the exact action of the virus and the cause of these lingering and debilitating symptoms of Long COVID, there is help. 
Our facility has been helping patients with the symptoms of Long COVID since before it even had a label. Early in the pandemic our state of the art clinic was using every tool available to help our patients get relief from their lingering symptoms after COVID. Through these treatments we developed a protocol that was able to decrease our patients widespread pain, increase their energy and endurance, help them breath better, increase their strength, and make them feel whole and human again. 

COVID Long Haulers, Post-COVID treatment in Westminster Denver Colorado!

Our treatment protocol combines PEMF therapy, Red Light & Infrared Therapy, High Dose Oxygen Therapy with infused Redox molecules, and Rife therapy to decrease any remaining viral load. 
If you or a loved one have been struggling with Long COVID, COVID long haulers and Post-COVID symptoms please reach out to our clinic staff to schedule a free consultation and see if we can help you on your road to recover.