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Another thing that sets our treatments apart from other clinics is the use of Triplanar Oscillation Vibration Therapy. After your Laser Fat Loss treatment each patient under goes 10 minutes on this device. The Triplanar Oscillation Vibration Platform vibrates at incredible speeds and in three separate planes of motion. This sends sonic impulses through your feet and all the way up through your body. This machine also activates every muscle in your body from your feet up to your core. This not only tones these muscles but rapility accelerates circulation causing the fat that was just lost to be taken away from the tissues even faster.


After the treatment each patient is fitted with an abdominal compression sleeve that compresses the tissues just treated further accelerating the fat removal and also ensuring the cells do not try to reabsorb the fat.

Each patient is also sent home with a specially selected protein supplement and fiber supplement. These combined together will help the body to bind to the fat molecules lost during treatment and help with their expulsion from the body.

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Our clinic is the first to combine therapies together to ensure our patients see real results!

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